A letter from funnybirdnft, please take a look at it if you participate in the pre-sale.

1 min readJun 9, 2021


I am very grateful to the early supporters. In such a difficult situation, our pre-sale amount on unicrypt has reached the soft cap of 20bnb. The current investment amount is 44.4705bnb, and 57 partners have supported us. Thank you very much for choosing funnybirdnft. There will be two situations for the pre-sale of unicrypt tonight:

The first situation:

If everything goes well, the smart contract will be automatically started in the end block: 8147663 (approx:wed 9 jun 21:13), and 50% liquidity will be added to pancakeswap and locked for half a year. Everyone can get themselves normally After the token is issued, the transaction is carried out.

The second situation:

If the smart contract fails to execute, then this pre-sale will fail. You don’t need to worry about the security of your own assets. After the project party communicates with unicrypt, the assets will return the same way, and all bnb will be under custody. At unicrypt, we are unable to obtain them, so we hope that everyone will be prepared for the failure of the pre-sale launch.

Thank you all the partners who support funnybirdnft.