Description of contract address

2 min readJun 3, 2021


The FUB contract currently traded on julswap is a contract automatically generated by the julpad smart contract when the team conducts the first julpad pre-sale.

First of all, funnybirdnft’s first pre-sale sold 2,389,445.8014 FUB on julpad without public relations or any publicity. Ido Token accounted for 10% of the total, so julpad automatically generated a total supply of 23,830,198.377272 FUB tokens.

This is why it cannot match the total number of 1 billion in official documents.

Please see the picture:

FUB Token Address(julpad):



Total Supply: 23,830,198.377272 FUB

Total tradable:2,389,445.8014 FUB

First pre-sale Token Prices

Sale Price :0.00002200000000 BNB

Listing Price after pre-sale :0.00002655318682 BNB

Therefore, the correct approach is that we need to take a snapshot of the addresses that can be circulated and have these 2,389,445.8014 FUBs, and then transfer

the official official contract (0x09352617f865965500bc8af00ec637bedb9fb0d4)


So the current situation is like this. The total amount of our FUB is still 1 billion, and the circulating volume is 2,389,445.8014 FUB.

The above expression is the explanation of the previous contract

For those tokens that are still held in julswap participating in ido, the official will perform a 1:1.1 conversion method after the transaction is suspended, and the snapshot will be airdropped into an official contract. The source of the token is the unlocked part of the team.