Funnybirdnft (Fub) will PRE-SALE on the unicrypt

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We are very happy to share with you a good news! ❤️Funnybirdnft (Fub) will PRE-SALE on the unicrypt at 11:59 AM UTC on 6th june, 2021.

Unicrypt Introduction

Unicrypt was born in June 2020, with a simple and original concept: identifying ways to protect investors and newcomers to the DeFi space.

From an initial idea named ‘POL’ (Proof-of-Liquidity), we deployed the first liquidity lockers smart contracts on the ETH blockchain. You can still find the legacy contract here.

After revisiting these contracts, 3 separated Dapps supporting additional features were deployed on multiple Decentralised Exchanges (DEX).As of April 2021, our services are available on 6 AMM across 4 blockchains.

Is it safe to use?

Every smart contract deployed by Unicrypt is audited by our partners from ChainSulting, except our Pancakeswap v1 to v2 LP locker migration which was audited by Certik.

Funnybirdnft Pre-sale link:

Please click the link to participate in the pre-sale

Buy on Unicrypt

Detailed pre-sale plan introduction

Total supply: million will be destroyed before pancakeswap goes online, bringing the total to 650 million)

Pre-sale: 100.000.000

Presale rate: 1 WBNB — 50000 FUB

Percent of raised WBNB used for liquidity: 50%

Lock Liquidity for: 6 months

Liquidity locked with unicrypt

Pancakeswap V2 pair to be created: WBNB / FUB

list:Pancakeswap V2

Softcap:20 BNB

Hardcap:2000 BNB

Max spend per account:20 BNB

Presale price:50,000 Fub / per BNB

Listing price:50,000 Fub / per BNB

Total FUB required(PRE-SALE)

150,900,000 FUB

Amount for sale: 100000000

Amount for liquidity: 49,100,000

Fees: 1,800,000

The unsold tokens in this pre-sale will be automatically destroyed by the unicrypt platform contract

Contract :


Contract address

Project Introduction

📌Funnybirdnft official website link



→Funnybirdnft Docs


→Funnybirdnft white paper



→Funnybirdnft mobile phone demo


→Funnybirdnft pc dashboard demo


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