Regarding the airdrop, gentlemen, please listen to me. At present, the number of tokens held by the fub project is only 300 addresses, and we will not initiate a large-scale airdrop. If our holdings reach 30,000 addresses, our market value will reach US$50 million or even US$100 million. At that time, you will get an airdrop of more than $100 or even $1,000. Please follow us to grow together, we are good, you will get more.

We are very happy to share with you a good news! ❤️Funnybirdnft (Fub) will PRE-SALE on the unicrypt at 11:59 AM UTC on 6th june, 2021.

Unicrypt Introduction

Unicrypt was born in June 2020, with a simple and original concept: identifying ways to protect investors and newcomers to the DeFi space.


Community members who hold the old currency contract, everyone, in order to transition to the new contract, we will stop providing liquidity for julswap. The snapshot airdrop will be issued to everyone’s wallet address on the 9th or 10th, in order to prevent you from suffering unnecessary Loss, please do not participate in the transaction after we issue the announcement, please wait patiently for the announcement of the fub login pancakeswap transaction.

Holders of fub holding the old contract, fub has been airdropped to your wallet address at a ratio of 1:1.1, please check

The valid accounts of this event are filtered by the following data rules

1. The number of invitations is less than or equal to 20 and greater than or equal to 1, which is a valid airdrop account

A total of 5354 valid airdrop addresses have been obtained. Please check your wallet after June 10th. The specific delivery time is to be determined.

2. The top 30 invited will split 600,000 fub equally, 20,000 fub per account

3. The address published by funnybirdnft this time is the final data

4. The specific rules will be announced after the pre-sale ends. Thank you for your participation and salute

Airdrop list

The FUB contract currently traded on julswap is a contract automatically generated by the julpad smart contract when the team conducts the first julpad pre-sale.

First of all, funnybirdnft’s first pre-sale sold 2,389,445.8014 FUB on julpad without public relations or any publicity. Ido Token accounted for 10% of the total…

We are very happy to share with you a good news! ❤️Funnybirdnft (Fub) will provide IDO on the julpad platform at 10:00 AM UTC on May 27st, 2021.

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→Funnybirdnft doc


→Funnybirdnft white paper



→Funnybirdnft mobile phone demo


→Funnybirdnft pc dashboard demo


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